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Gigi Wilkins | SYMGI Management Consultant

Who is Gigi Wilkins?

The Management Consultant

I am the Senior Administrator of SYMGI CONSULTING, a small firm in TX. Established in 2010, our firm is dedicated to maximizing productivity of small businesses and medical practices through revenue cycle analysis, policy and procedural development, and call center implementation. The success of our business module has enabled expansion of our client base to include California, Atlanta, and Maryland.

With more than 20 years of experience in multiple facets of Healthcare, Emergency Management and Quality Assurance, we are the perfect choice to provide risk assessments to streamline productivity and increase revenue for your small business or medical practice.

Educational Qualifications

Business Management Certification 

Healthcare - Organizational Management  

Human Resources Management

Financial Industry Experience
B2B, B2C Account Manager

Full Cycle Revenue Management 

Direct Operations of Monthly Revenue Above 250K

In need a of a Management Consultant?

Emergency Management

NENA, APCO International 

Crisis Management

PSAP Certification

Senior 9-1-1 Fire/EMS Management

Tier 1 Emergency Team Leader

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