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Gigi Wilkins | Published Author

Who is Gigi Wilkins?

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Gigi Wilkins is a Houston, TX native and mother to three amazing adults making their mark in Music, Art, Fashion, and serving the US Military. Her professional career spans more than two decades in Healthcare and Emergency Management, where she was often called upon to mentor and spearhead major projects. Gigi’s passion for literature and writing began in early childhood. 

Over time, her writing skills evolved, dually affording her flexibility professionally as well as a therapeutic source.  In 2008, a good friend introduced Gigi to Southwest Casting. She was blessed to gain roles in several commercials, training videos, film and television in Houston and Atlanta. This was a pivotal point, prompting Gigi to revisit her passion for writing. Gigi became a guest blogger for several publications, including PACE Remarkable People published by Katie Mehnert, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pink Petro. She’s been featured in Beautifully Said Magazine, various publications of Sistah's Creative Media, as well as a contributor to Simply Cindy's Blog.

In 2016, Gigi Wilkins added Published Author to her list of accomplishments. Some years ago, Gigi and her mother began initiatives to bring awareness to the devastating effects of physical and emotional violence. After her mother’s untimely passing, Gigi aborted the idea of moving forward with the memoir they’d worked on years prior. After some reflection and realizing sharing their experiences was inspiring to those in communities they served, Gigi gradually embarked upon the task of completing the manuscript.

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About The Book

“I Married My Daddy”, written from a child’s perspective, is a story of Love, Faith, and Resilience. The book candidly chronicles the journey of a family’s social and economic challenges complicated by violence and abuse. Illustrating the devastating long-term effects of PTSD and mental illness, the author produces a blueprint for harnessing courage, deliberately living on purpose, and manifesting an extraordinary life.

Reviews - "I Married My Daddy"


Heartbreaking but inspiring story about domestic violence, I loved this book. It reads like a friend telling you her life story. We see a little girl witness the senseless violence of her alcoholic father and her mother's unfailing forgiveness, even when it seemed crazy to forgive. I couldn't stop reading because I was so worried about her. I read a lot of Literature with a capital L, in which the craft is impeccable but the story has no heart. I would so much rather read a book like this one that is true and real. It made me think of my own life and wonder, if I hadn't such an easy life, would I have had this kind of strength? Would I have been able to endure so much violence and trauma without turning bitter? Honestly, I'm not sure. Kudos to the author for her bravery in sharing this difficult tale. I hope many find it, read it, and learn from it--both those who know what it's like, and those who don't. Those like me who had no idea but will be slower to judge strangers, since you never know what people are dealing with or have dealt with. I feel like I have a new understanding of what children in families terrorized by domestic violence face and a new appreciation for the stability I had growing up.


~Elizabeth L. White~

Titles In The Works

“God, Stop Changing My Plans”
“Mama Used to Say”


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